Everybody seems to request Braces For Teens nowadays. Almost everybody wants to fix at least one thing about their smiles, and braces are one of the best ways to do so. Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded or spaced, or if you have an overbite or an underbite, braces are the best choice to fix all these.

When is the best time to start braces?

That is one of the most common questions that face orthodontists, and there is no single answer. Every case is different, and each has its own optimum time to start. All the baby teeth should have fallen out by the time your child is 12 or 13 and all the adult teeth should have erupted (with the exception of the wisdom teeth), and that is the best time to start most cases. The initial look should be around 10 years to decide if your child needs braces in the first place, and at that time only minor adjustments are needed to make sure the treatment time isn’t prolonged.

Therefore, as a general rule, it is far better and a lot easier to start braces when you are young. This is because your child’s bones are still malleable, so the teeth can move quickly and the results are more permanent. Braces for teens is definitely the correct choice.

How do braces work?

Orthodontics (the scientific name for braces) is an intricate system. The system consists of metallic brackets attached to the outer surface of the teeth, with a wire passing through them. The wire is held firmly in place with a set of colorful elastics, and together they move the teeth to the desired location.

What are the options available?

Traditional braces usually yield the best results for teens. They are faster and more predictable and can treat a wide variety of problems with no limitations. Nowadays, however, most teens would be embarrassed by the appearance of metal braces, so they opt for other more esthetic options. Clear braces are also an option and will yield the same results as metallic braces. Some teens do not accept any braces attached to their teeth, and for them, the only option becomes Invisalign teen.

Invisalign teen uses the same principle as normal Invisalign, but also takes into consideration the patient’s growth patterns, and formulates the treatment plan to not only move the teeth but shape the bone of the face as well.

Where can I find a provider for braces for teens in CA?

If you decided to fix your child’s teeth with braces, then you have a big task ahead of you. You have to choose a great orthodontist since you would be spending a lot of time in their office. Not only does he need to be skilled and experienced, but he also needs to be close to where you live since you would be visiting him quite a lot over the course of the treatment. Dr. Pezoldt and his amazing team are ready to answer all your questions. Visit us in the Modesto office at 1316 Coffee Road, Ste. D-10 Modesto, CA 95355, or in our Oakdale Office at 146 N. Maag Avenue, Ste. An Oakdale, CA 95361. Give us a call on 209 524-8381 or 209 847-7014 to schedule your complimentary consultation.