Invisalign was Introduced in 1999 by Align Technology. Since then, the nearly invisible tray alignment system has gained widespread appeal. Celebrities with Invisalign have been spotted using the tray aligners to neaten up their smiles, close gaps, or straighten minor imperfections.

Making History — Align Technology Introduces Invisalign

When Invisalign was introduced it did not gain instant popularity. Many orthodontists shunned this “miracle cure” as nothing more than a gimmick.

It was developed by a Computer Science and Economics major. While working toward his MBA at Stanford, Zia Chishti developed Invisalign between 1992 and 1997. He worked on the invention in his dorm room with help from a couple of friends. None of them were dentists!

Align Technology was founded in 1997 and Invisalign received FDA approval in 1998. At first, only a few orthodontists began using Invisalign to treat patients. It was expensive and often, even with the FDA approval, did not qualify for insurance benefits.

Since its introduction, Align Technology continues to improve its product. With the innovations, the price tag continues to drop. Although still slightly more costly than traditional braces, Invisalign is very comparable in cost.

Why Celebrities Choose Invisalign

The greatest appeal of Invisalign is the nearly invisible, discreet tray aligners. Most people won’t even realize that a person has braces unless they get very close.


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Invisalign may cause some slight speech imperfections at first. Most patients report that once they became accustomed to wearing the trays the speech difficulty went away.

When celebrities realized that they could fix small imperfections in their smile they began using the tray aligners. Whether it was for a slight touch-up or a complete remodeling of their smile celebrities added to the already increasing popularity of Invisalign.

Celebrating ChangeMakers with Marsai Martin

Align Technology and the National 4-H Council co-sponsor a community award program known as ChangeMakers. The program highlights the accomplishments of youths 13 to 19 years old who serve their community. In July 2021, the 100 winners were celebrated via YouTube in an awards ceremony emceed by young actress Marsai Martin. Martin wasn’t selected randomly. She is an Invisalign vet, having used Invisalign to correct her imperfect smile.

ChangeMakers awards $5,000 to each of the 100 winners. The projects these young people are aiding include food pantries, community enrichment projects, and many other worthwhile projects.

You may not know her name, but Martin portrays the character Diane johnson in the hit TV series, “Black-ish.” We’re not sure what her plans for the future are as 2022 is the final season for the show. One thing that we are certain of is that she is destined for great things and has already made a positive mark on the world!

Celebrities with Invisalign in the Sports World

Celebrities with Invisalign aren’t limited to television and movie stars. When making news appearances, sports figures often worry about their appearance and many are not shy about how they got their great smiles.

When preparing to speak after the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, Kyle Lowry took a few seconds to remove his alignment trays, on camera, While the audience may have been caught off-guard, Lowry continued his speech like it was just another day.

When her star was just beginning to rise in the tennis world, Serena Williams used Invisalign to perfect her smile. She now appears before the cameras for interviews, in product endorsement commercials, and on the court with a dazzling smile that turns heads.

Actors, Singers, and Models… Oh My! Celebrities with Invisalign

Singer Justin Bieber was one of the first celebrities with Invisalign that wasn’t shy about orthodontic treatment. In his teen years, one of the first things he did was to invest in his smile. He made a YouTube video to talk to his fans and proudly removed his tray aligner while talking about the alignment system.

Actors, singers, and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have used Invisalign to perfect their appearance. Actress Katherine Heigl corrected minor alignment issues with her teeth in preparation for her 2007 wedding. Gisele Bundchen, once the highest-paid supermodel in the world, used Invisalign to improve her dazzling pearly whites.

Reality TV stars Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner both have Invisalign-enhanced smiles.

Although we see him as the mature adult he portrays in movies such as War of the Worlds and Mission Impossible, actor Tom Cruise began his career as an awkward teen with crooked teeth. His orthodontist opted to begin treatment with clear braces, then switched to Invisalign for the finishing touches. The smile we see today is amazing!

The list of celebrities with Invisalign can probably go on indefinitely, but we only have a few more familiar names to add to our list:

  • Singer-actress Zendaya Coleman of Nickelodean’s “Shake It Up
  • Actress Eva Longoria
  • R&B singer Christina Milian
  • Actress Anna Kendrick
  • Singer Katy Perry

The results are conclusive — celebrities with Invisalign use the system because it works!

Gap or No Gap

Many people have a gap between their teeth. While some opt to leave the gap, many celebrities use Invisalign to quietly close the gap.

Actor Zac Efron began his Disney movie career sporting a slight gap and minor tooth misalignment. Following his appearance in High School Musical, he used Invisalign to put a finishing touch on his smile.

Among other famous actors who closed the gap are Demi Lovato, Jack Black, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is no question that, although slight malocclusions are often not noticeable, correcting them can offer a boost to confidence and self-esteem.

Invisalign Offers a Confidence Boost

Whether you are a rising star or just an ordinary person, using Invisalign to straighten your smile will give you a confidence boost. We all dream of having a perfect smile and Invisalign puts that dream within reach.


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If you’re ready to begin your journey to a healthy, perfect smile, Invisalign can help.

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