You have more teeth-straightening options than ever before. You know you want clear aligners, but you aren’t sure if you want Invisalign or Smile Direct. Compare Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, so you can move forward with your treatment.

The Impressions — Invisalign vs. Smile Direct

When comparing Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, you likely want to know about the process of getting impressions. Dental labs use impressions to make the clear aligners, and accuracy is important.

You have two options for getting impressions for Smile Direct. You can visit a SmileShop, or you can take the impressions yourself. There are not any SmileShops in Oakdale, so you’ll have to travel if you want to get professional impressions. That will leave you with taking the impressions yourself. If you make a mistake, your aligners won’t fit properly.

That’s stressful which is why many people prefer Invisalign. Your orthodontist will take 3-D scans of your teeth for you. You won’t have to do anything except show up for the appointment. When comparing this aspect of Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, Invisalign is the clear winner.

The Treatment Plan

You should also consider the treatment plan when comparing Invisalign vs. Smile Direct. When you visit an orthodontist to get Invisalign, he or she will consider your dental history. That makes it much easier to customize a plan that will work for you. The same isn’t true with Smile Direct. You’ll get clear aligners based on the position of your teeth, but your history won’t be taken into account. When looking at the treatment plan for Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, Invisalign is the winner once again.

The Treatment

Did you know that orthodontists use attachments for Invisalign? These attachments make it easier for orthodontists to guide the teeth into place. The same isn’t true for Smile Direct. You only receive aligners. Because of that, you cannot expect the same outcome. That’s important to consider when comparing Invisalign vs. Smile Direct.

Orthodontic Care

If you get aligners from Smile Direct, you’ll be on your own. Sure, you can go online or talk to an orthodontist over the phone, but you won’t meet with anyone. On the other hand, your orthodontist will be involved in your care when you select Invisalign. Your orthodontist can make changes to the treatment if needed. Keep this in mind when comparing Invisalign vs. Smile Direct.

Schedule a Consultation for Invisalign

Now that you know the differences between Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, it’s clear that Invisalign is the right choice. Contact Pezoldt Orthodontics’ Oakdale office at (209) 847-7014 to schedule a complimentary consultation for Invisalign.