You’re searching for an Oakdale Invisalign provider, so you can begin treatment. You want to get started right away, so you will be on the road to getting straight teeth. Find out how to select an Oakdale Invisalign provider, and then make your appointment.

Look at Reviews

When you come across a website for an Oakdale Invisalign provider, look at the reviews. Many providers post reviews right on the site, so you can see what their patients have to say. Read the reviews to determine if the Oakdale Invisalign provider is a good fit for you.

View the Before and After Photos

Before choosing an Oakdale Invisalign provider, it’s important to look at before and after photos. This will give you the chance to review the provider’s work. Does the Oakdale Invisalign provider get the type of outcomes you want?

Check Out the Technology

Some providers use trays to take impressions, while others use 3-D scanners. Scanners provide accuracy that you cannot get with tray impressions. You want your aligners to fit properly, so choose an Oakdale Invisalign provider that has the best technology.

Consider the Other Treatment Options

You are likely a good candidate for Invisalign. What if you aren’t, though? If you choose an Oakdale Invisalign provider that offers other treatments, he or she will recommend another option to you. That way, you won’t have to find another orthodontist.

Go to the Consultation

You can tell a lot about an Oakdale Invisalign provider during the initial consultation. You will have time to ask questions and learn more about the treatment. Choose a provider who offers free consultations. That way, you are not out any money if it’s not a good fit. Go to the consultation and ask any questions you have. By the time you leave, you will know if you want to use that provider.

Schedule Your Consultation

Pezoldt Orthodontics is an Oakdale Invisalign provider. We have lots of positive reviews and before and after photos on our website. We utilize the latest technology and provide lots of treatment options. We even offer a free consultation. Contact Pezoldt Orthodontics at (209) 847-7014.