Types of Braces for adults? Who would ever have thought that would be a trend?

Adults seeking orthodontic treatment in Modesto can access various discreet options that combine effectiveness with aesthetic appeal. Clear ceramic braces seamlessly blend in with teeth, while lingual braces are positioned on the inner surface of teeth. Furthermore, removable clear aligners offer an almost invisible choice. These contemporary alternatives enable adults to attain their desired smile discreetly, addressing their individual preferences for work and social interactions.


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Why didn’t adults request braces before?

It’s not like there were never any adults wearing braces, but they were certainly a rare bunch. A number of problems stood in the way of adult braces, such as:

  1. Time:

    Braces are not just like any other dental procedure. Fillings, root canals, crowns and other general dentistry procedures could mostly be completed within a week. Braces, however, take at least 6 months to complete. Most adults wouldn’t have the consistency or the patience to undergo that treatment.

  2. Comfort:

    Braces are very uncomfortable. Whether because of the pulling action they exert on the teeth or their sharp edges always cutting and bruising your lips and cheeks, Braces cause a lot of pain. Because of the busy lives of adults, most won’t be able to tolerate that pain.

  3. Appearance:

    Most adults – if not all – simply refuse to have a “metal mouth”. That is probably the main cause why adults don’t like braces. Brace manufacturers were alerted to that fact and started to come up with a number of more esthetic types of braces.

What are the best types of braces for adults?

First, let’s agree that traditional metallic braces are still widely used. In fact, they are still the gold standard of orthodontic treatment. They may not look great, but they get the job done. However, if you are unable to accept that appearance, here are other more esthetic options for you:

  1. Clear braces:

    These have all the advantages of metallic braces. They are fast, easy and effective. However, they fixed the main problem of traditional braces: their looks. Instead of metallic brackets, wires and colourful elastic bands, clear braces are made of a transparent ceramic material. The wire is also coated with a white coating to mask its colour. Finally, the elastic bands are also white or transparent. This whole setup makes them a lot more appealing than their metallic counterparts.

  2. Lingual braces:

    These go on the inner side of the teeth rather than the outer. To the outside world, you are not wearing any braces. On the inside, however, your braces are active and alive. They are fairly new and still working out their kinks, mainly how they injure the tongue and palate.

  3. Invisalign:

    A solution that took care of almost everything. Invisalign in Modesto, California, is a system of transparent, invisible plastic moulds called aligners. These aligners replace the brackets, wires and elastics. It looks better, is much more comfortable, incredibly accurate, and overall faster than traditional braces.

The choices are numerous, each with its merits and drawbacks. Only you can select the type more suitable for you.


During your consultation, our team will ask you about your dental history and preferences. We will also examine your teeth and determine which treatment option is best for you. After discussing your options, we can provide a timetable for your treatment plan and let you know how much it will cost.

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