Ways To Clean Your Invisalign, Invisalign is the epitome of braces technology. It is one of the latest – and greatest – technologies to ever grace the field of dentistry. Traditional braces were riddled with problems, mainly their appearance, comfort and the fact that they make teeth cleaning a complete nightmare. Invisalign came about to fix all of these, and then some.

What’s the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces?

Traditional braces (or any other type of fixed braces such as clear or lingual braces) are attached to your teeth, meaning you don’t have any control over them, and you cannot remove them when you need to. Invisalign is the exact opposite. Nothing is attached to your teeth, and you have full control on when to wear it and when to remove it. The system consists of a series of plastic, transparent molds called aligners that fit on the outer surface of the teeth, applying pressure to move the teeth to the desired location.

What is so great about Invisalign?

  1. It looks far better than traditional braces. The aligners are practically invisible even at close range, making it very suitable for adults.
  2. It is extremely comfortable. The brackets and wires of traditional braces cut and scrape the gums and lips, but with Invisalign, nothing is attached to the teeth, so nothing can cause harm.
  3. The pushing motion (rather than pulling of other types) causes no discomfort and you can easily adjust to it in a few days.
  4. The aligners are computer made. This not only improves accuracy, virtually eliminating human errors, but makes them a lot faster, and you can finish your entire treatment in less than a year in most cases.
  5. You can remove them whenever you need to. So when you have a special occasion when your looks are all that matters, you can just leave your aligners at home and wear them afterward. In addition, this makes teeth cleaning a lot easier. In fact, one of the key advantages of Invisalign is that it enables you to maintain great oral hygiene, as opposed to other types where teeth cleaning is a complete nightmare.


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Ways to Clean your Invisalign

As we explained, you can remove the aligners at will. One of the times you need to remove them is when you eat, and brush your teeth. This makes Invisalign great for 2 main reasons:

  1. You can eat whatever you want. No restrictions. Unlike other types of braces where hard and sticky foods are not allowed.
  2. You can brush your teeth freely, and floss with ease. Since nothing is attached to your teeth, you will basically be brushing your own teeth with nothing to hinder you or make the process difficult.

So When we talk about the best ways to clean your Invisalign, all you have to do is this:

  • Remove your aligner.
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Brush your teeth, and floss whenever you can.
  • Clean the aligner under running water.
  • Put the aligner back on your teeth.

As the aligners get older, they may become a little yellowish or stained. In that case, you should use a small, soft toothbrush to clean the insides of the aligner. Beware not to use toothpaste or extra pressure to avoid breakage.

Invisalign is full of benefits, and is probably the right choice for you. Ask your orthodontist if you are a candidate, and explore if there are more ways to clean your Invisalign.