When it comes to your child’s oral health, there are a few key milestones that you need to watch out for. These milestones can help you figure out when they should visit an orthodontist for kids in Oakdale, like Pezoldt Orthodontics. 

The first and most important milestone is the eruption of their permanent teeth. It’s time to visit a kids orthodontist in Oakdale once the child has all twenty baby teeth in place. The usual age for this is around seven or eight.

Ever wondered why a child’s seventh birthday is worth throwing a big party for? Customs aside, this age is when significant physical changes start to happen. Like permanent teeth replacing milk teeth, for example. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the perfect time for your visit to a kids orthodontist. We’ll also talk about some of the important things to consider and how to start their oral health journey correctly!

Why Should Visit a Kids Orthodontist at Seven?

There is no better time to visit the orthodontist than at seven years old. At this age, children are going through a major period of growth and development, and their teeth are no exception. By seeing an orthodontist early on, they can catch any irregularities in their bite.

This way, you can eliminate problems before they start to cause trouble. Not only does early intervention help them avoid issues like jaw pain or teeth-grinding later in life. But it also saves you money in the long run by getting a treatment done at a kid’s price.

There’s no better time to start than at seven years old for your child’s future orthodontic health and well-being.

What Are a Few Advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

#1. Correcting Orthodontic Problems Early On 

When it comes to orthodontic problems, it is crucial to address them early on. Not only can kids experience painful and embarrassing dental issues because of misaligned teeth. But these problems can also impact the development and function of their jaws as they grow. 

For example, crowded teeth can cause difficulties with chewing and speaking. In addition, crooked or protruding teeth can have an adverse effect on a child’s self-esteem. 

By getting treatment early on, parents can help their children avoid these issues and enjoy a healthy smile.

#2. Young Teeth Are Easy to Control 

There is a lot of debate about when it’s best to correct orthodontic problems in young children. Some experts argue waiting until kids are older and their teeth have stopped growing. 

But early orthodontic intervention can be hugely beneficial, especially for the child. This is because young teeth are still very pliable. This means they can be easily manipulated by an experienced orthodontist. 

For example, a young child’s teeth can be moved out of alignment relatively easily. It makes the overall treatment process faster and easier than with older patients. 

#3. Opportunity to Teach Them About the Importance of Oral Health

By visiting an orthodontist early on, your child will be able to learn more about proper oral care. They’ll get to know the right techniques for brushing their teeth and flossing which is coming from an expert. 

In addition, kids will be prepared for any required treatments like fillings or extractions. We want our children to have the healthiest teeth and be more comfortable during their upcoming dental procedures, wouldn’t we?

What Should I and my Child Expect from Their First Visit?

When it comes to your child’s first visit, there are a few things that you both should expect. For starters, this initial appointment is largely focused on collecting information. Both for your child’s medical history and their current oral health

You can expect that the orthodontist will ask about any recent falls or injuries that your child may have sustained. They may ask questions about dental hygiene, diet, and habits as well. So, better remember if your kid likes thumb-sucking or nail-biting. 

They may also request x-rays or images of your child’s mouth taken at this first visit.

Your orthodontist will give you a full evaluation and discuss potential treatment options with you at the end. This may include early interventions like parent education or appliance therapy for younger children. They’ll also discuss the possibilities of dental braces for older children and adolescents. 

You can also expect that the orthodontist will take time to explain all aspects of treatment. From costs and financing options to what kinds of foods are best avoided while wearing braces. Overall, a first orthodontic visit is an exciting yet informative experience for both parents and kids alike!

Are There Any Dangers If We Avoid a Visit?

It’s true that most are reluctant to visit the kids orthodontist at any point in their lives. But there is good reason to prioritize early detection of oral health problems. Without early evaluation, your child may end up facing much more serious and potentially irreversible dental issues down the road.

For example, untreated misalignment of the teeth can lead to difficulty chewing and speaking. It can also lead to potential jaw disorders and gum diseases. 

Additionally, dental cavities that go unchecked can deteriorate the supporting structure of the teeth and even cause infections or abscesses. So, it’s best to schedule a consultation with your family orthodontist ASAP for a healthier smile.

Kids Orthodontist

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Initial Consultation?

Most orthodontists offer free consultations, so there’s no need to worry about paying a significant sum upfront. That said, the cost of any subsequent treatment will vary depending on several factors. 

This includes the type and severity of your child’s condition and the materials that are used in the orthodontic appliance. Most orthodontists offer payment plans, so feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with your child’s orthodontist. 

Overall, when it comes to seeking care for your child’s precious smile, rest assured that you can always turn to a professional.


It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s smile! Bringing your child to an orthodontist at the age of seven ensures that your child develops healthy oral habits. 

Our clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments. From traditional metal braces to Invisalign, we can provide the treatment that best fits your child’s needs and lifestyle. 

So why wait? Visit Pezoldt Orthodontics today to schedule a free consultation and pave the way for a brighter smile! We can’t wait to see you.