Would you like to have the nicest smile in the Valley?

If you live in Modesto, Oakdale or surrounding communities, come to Pezoldt Orthodontics and we’ll help you make that wish come true.

A beautiful smile will probably start with braces – traditional braces, clear braces, Invisalign or Invisalign teen. Choosing the right treatment plan and the right braces is the first step and the most important step. A dazzling new smile is suddenly just on the horizon.

And then the second thought hit. Invisalign sounds great – almost invisible braces and continual personal customization – but how much does Invisalign cost? What’s the average cost of adult braces? The average cost of teen braces? Almost everyone has the same thought: “I want braces, but I want affordable braces!”

Fortunately, there are payment options, and no one should be turned away from a sparkling new smile for financial reasons alone.

Of course, if you’re in a position to write a check or use a credit card, that’s always a good option. But not everybody can afford to do that – we all have to prioritize our spending. So at Pezoldt, we like to say, “talk to us and let’s work something out”.

For example, if your employer provides an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) as part of your benefits plan, you can use that money to pay for any dental expenses not covered by your dental insurance. Even better, you’re not taxed on the money in your FSA account so you benefit twice!

Similar to an FSA is a Health Savings Account (HSA). Like an FSA, an HSA uses pre-tax savings to pay a wide range of health-related expenses, such as co-pays, deductibles and especially braces and Invisalign. But unlike an FSA, which is part of an employer benefits package, anyone can open an HSA at their local bank or credit union and start saving today.

Another option for making orthodontics affordable is Care Credit, a specialized credit card for medical expenses, including braces and Invisalign. Care Credit offers special financing and low monthly payments, no up-front costs and no prepayment penalties. You can apply today at www.carecredit.com or by calling (800) 677-0718.

Or reach out to us at Pezoldt Orthodontics. We can walk you through various payment options and help you craft a payment solution that is right for your budget. Plus, when you become part of the Pezoldt family, you’re also part of our All-Star Rewards program with fun games, contests and prizes.

As Dr. Pezoldt says, “I am proud to practice orthodontics in the Modesto and Oakdale area where I am a resident and active community member. We know that having a beautiful, functional smile is a very important component of each person’s self-esteem. Every effort is made to make orthodontic treatment financially possible for all who desire optimal oral health and who have an appreciation for the care that we provide.”

Call us at (209) 524-8381 or (209) 847-7014 and set up a complimentary consultation (yes, the first appointment is on us!) We want you to have the best smile in the Valley, and we’ll work together to make that happen!