If you decided to take that great leap towards braces, then kudos for you. We know how big a step this is. We know you would be suffering through the rigorous treatment, the prolonged treatment time, and the back and forth visits to the dentist every month or so. It is a big deal, believe u we understand, but unfortunately, you are not done there. Taking the leap and deciding to get braces in the first place is a great step, but not the most important. The most important part comes next .. and that is choosing the best orthodontist Oakdale CA has to offer.

Why is the choice of an orthodontist the most important step?

Braces are basically a cosmetic procedure, so you have to choose an orthodontist with a keen eye, and a great sense of artistry. It is not enough to simply go online and search for a good orthodontist, you have to do your homework. In fact, we believe that your choice of an orthodontist could be the determining factor in whether to continue your treatment or abandon it altogether.


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What should I look for in an orthodontist?

When attempting to make that choice, a number of factors scream “great orthodontist” such as:

  1. Great experience:

    As any cosmetic procedure, practice makes perfect. An orthodontist with 20 years of experience certainly knows more and has seen more than one who has been practicing for 5 or 10. It is not only a question of studies, research and certification, but the sheer volume of cases treated that make experience possibly the most deciding factor.

  2. Reviews:

    Who has a better opinion than patients who have been treated at an orthodontist’s office? The answer is .. no one. No one could be as objective and unbiased as a patient, simply because they have nothing to possibly gain from it. A patient who leaves a good review is one who was obviously satisfied with his treatment outcome. Doesn’t that indicate that you would be too?

  3. Treatment photos:

    If you don’t trust other people’s opinions, then you can certainly trust your own eyes. A picture truly speaks a Thousand words. Most orthodontists – if not all – are finely trained on how to document their cases and successes. If you look through their website, you will almost always find a case similar to yours. And if you like that outcome, then you most probably will like yours as well.

  4. Location:

    We know location isn’t a true determinant of skill. But consider this .. you would be visiting your orthodontist at least once a month for at least 6 to 12 months. So wouldn’t you rather have their office close to where you live? In fact, isn’t this more important than anything else?

Where can I find the best orthodontist Oakdale CA trusts the most?

If you’re looking for a great orthodontist in CA, Pezoldt Orthodontics is the right choice for you. If you like to learn more, contact us on 209 524-8381 for Modesto office, and 209 847 7014 for Oakdale office. Our team is there for you to answer any questions, or schedule a complimentary consultation appointment.