Invisalign Friendly Snacks is a complete nightmare. What is normally a routine process that you do without even noticing becomes an exercise that you have to take extra care of while doing. If you wear braces, your orthodontist will probably instruct you to steer clear of some types of food. That applies to all types of braces except one. Invisalign. That means that there are no Invisalign-friendly snacks because all are permitted!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern solution to all problems associated with braces. No more brackets, wires or elastic bands. Invisalign is a system of plastic, a transparent mould called aligners. The aligners are applied to the outer surface of the teeth –without attachment- applying pressure in a certain manner, moving the teeth where you want them to.

What types of food are prohibited with braces?

Braces attached to your teeth (such as metallic braces, clear braces and even lingual braces), some with instructions to keep away from certain foods. These include:

  • Sticky Foods:

    Food such as gum and toffee are strictly prohibited while wearing braces. These types of foods cause 2 main problems:

    • They stick to the brackets and could remove them from the surface of the teeth.
    • They are impossible to clean properly with braces on.
  • Hard Foods:

    Extra hard and chewy foods such as nuts and fruits such as apples and pears are also inadvisable. The same principle applies to sticky food. One extra forceful bite could break a bracket or snap a wire.

These types of food are also inadvisable in normal situations. These tend to cause a lot of trauma to the gums and teeth and are very difficult to clean. But with braces, the advice is mainly regarding keeping the braces intact.

What are the Invisalign Friendly Snacks?

There are none. That’s one of the main merits of Invisalign. With Invisalign, nothing is attached to the surface of the teeth. Plus, you can remove the aligners at will. This means when you have a craving for an apple or just can’t wait to eat that piece of toffee – although highly inadvisable since they can cause decay and gum disease – you can go right on and remove the aligners and eat what you want. You can have any cold drink you want while wearing them with no risk. They would only get a bit more yellow over time, but they are still completely allowed. However, hot drinks are different since they could damage the plastic aligners.


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So basically, your Invisalign Friendly Snacks should go as follows:

  1. Remove the aligners.
  2. Eat what you want.
  3. Brush your teeth properly.
  4. Clean the aligner under running water.
  5. And put it right back in place.

Invisalign came along to solve almost every problem with traditional braces. They look better, are much more comfortable, and are incredibly accurate. Plus – since you can remove it when needed – it makes eating a pleasure and teeth cleaning awesome and easy.